HTC launches a dedicated app store for virtual reality apps


HTC’s smartphone business isn’t doing very well. The company has been focusing a lot on its virtual reality business lately. Today, the company has announced a dedicated app store for virtual reality apps, called the Viveport. The app store will be available on HTC’s Vive headsets, it’ll also have an app on Windows, smartphones and lastly, a web app. Alongside games, the Viveport will also offer education, design, art, social, video, music, sports, health, fashion, travel, news, shopping, creativity tools and much more. Rikard Steiber, HTC’s senior VP of virtual reality stated:

“We strongly believe VR is going to change the world for the better, for both consumers and businesses alike. We believe it’ll democratize access to experiences, now anyone can travel anywhere and learn anything in any way.”

Of course, users can still buy games for their Vive from the Steam store, but the main point of a dedicated virtual reality app store is to provide easier access to virtual reality content. According to Steiber, the app store already includes 100 apps. The company will be launching a developer beta for the Viveport pretty soon, and you can sign-up here. As for the public, the company plans to launch the Viveport later this fall.