HTC hits the big time – even cradle inserts make news



You know you are famous when reporters start going through your garbage, and when you are a company, and even a new cradle insert is met with intense speculation, you know the same thing too.

Eager HTC watchers would be thoroughly intrigued by a new HTC cradle, model number G300. Of course whats most intriguing about the cradle is that it is for an unannounced HTC device, the HTC Lolite, and that the cradle is due on 2 January 2009.

Could this be a brand new device, or is this as speculated by some simply a cradle insert for the low-end HTC Touch Viva. One small supporting evidence for a new device is that the product page has now been pulled from eXpansys, suggesting its not the already announced and even reviewed HTC Touch Viva. It is however still available in this Google cache here.

Unless one of our readers can help us out, I guess we will have to wait and find out in good time. Or start going through HTC’s garbage of course 😉

BTW, when the cradle does come out, our readers are free to help themselves to a $15/£10 off voucher for eXpansys. You could even have one right now in fact, for free, from here.


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