HTC HD7S reviewed

PhoneArena have published their review of the HTC HD7S.

Like any Windows Phone 7 handset, they found the smartphone to be responsive, and did see some benefit from having a new Super-LCD screen compared to the T-Mobile HTC HD7.

They did however find some disappointments in call quality, and noted the battery could only support 5.5 hours of talk time. They were however mainly disappointed that a handset first introduced to the market 6 months ago was still priced at $200 and did not bring anything new to the table on the new carrier, and concluded:

Although it’s the latest thing to grace AT&T’s line-up, the HTC HD7S doesn’t dethrone the Samsung Focus as the carrier’s best WP7 handset. Moreover, its $200 on-contract price is undoubtedly hard to swallow considering that it doesn’t differ tremendously from the original model. Revolting in a way, we’re sad to see that the latest crop of WP7 devices on the market are none other than recycled models like this one, but it’s even worse for the HD7S since it doesn’t receive a fitting price point.

The HTC HD7S will go on sale at AT&T on the 6th June for $200 on a two year contract.

Read their full review here.