HTC HD7 has better screen than the Google Samsung Nexus S

Rather unexpectedly, given the race to AMOLED screens, the HTC HD7 performed better than the Samsung Nexus S in a series of objective tests over at (which really shows the benefits of objective tests really, as the tester has “an aversion to the OS name” windows Phone 7).

The tests included the iPhone 4, which came first, followed by the HTC HD7 and last the Samsung Nexus S.

The summary reads as follows:

Apple iPhone 4
The iPhone 4 was the best overall performer of the three phones we tested. The iPhone 4 was capable of displaying 24-bit colour and was able to display colours in games and pictures with pop and life while still being accurate. The iPhone 4 won in most of our scientific tests and also had the best performance overall in our real-world tests. Once again, the iPhone 4 has the best smartphone screen on the market.

The HD7 displayed mostly accurate colour; however, the colour did show evidence of being washed out in certain tests. Also, the phone’s gallery app may have a bandwidth problem, which resulted in blurry text in our tests. We’ll need to do more testing though to confirm.

Samsung Nexus S
The Nexus S saw an incredible contrast ratio thanks to its OLED screen. Also, it displayed fonts smoothly and legibly and passed the Coke can test with only minimal dithering. Unfortunately the Nexus S failed in most of our other tests, especially colour tracking, white level saturation, and false contouring. The Nexus S was the least impressive of the three.

Interestingly, to me this suggests the HTC HD7’s screen is likely also better than the Samsung Omnia 7, and while the Omnia 7 likely has great black levels and colours that pop, it will likely have less colour accuracy, and a less linear colour response.  I have also seen complaints that the screen appears to have a lower effective resolution due to the pentile dithering used by AMOLED screens, which can make small text look blurry.

For all the detail, some of which may may your eyes bleed, read the full CNET test here.

Do our HTC HD7 readers still wish their phone had an SuperAMOLED screen? Let us know below.