HTC HD7 accused of having “antenna-gate” issue



Author Surur // in News

The infamous “Antenna-gate” is estimated to have lost Apple 10-20% of their iPhone 4 sales in Q3 2010. Now the HTC HD7 is being accused of having the same issue – losing signal when held normally in the hand, ultimately dropping the signal. claims this is due to the placement of the antenna – in the bottom of the handset, where your palm would normally rest.

I do believe however that the issue is misunderstood- of course covering the antenna, placed in the bottom of the handset so it could be as far as possible from one’s ear in normal use will reduce reception.  Antenna-gate however was due to the iPhone 4 losing signal by simply shorting the exposed antenna with one finger, requiring the phone to be covered with a case to prevent this.

It is however reasonable to say that, in poor signal areas, HTC HD7 owners may want to hold their phone “differently” to improve signal strength, but Antenna-gate this is not.


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