HTC HD3 & Sense 3 Concept

We have seen many concept of what the HTC HD3 should look like, but this one is the first that actually comes with a concept for what Sense might look like. This was all created by a member of XDA by the name of _LeCiel_, who has done many other concepts, but I think this sense concept is one of the coolest.

His HTC HD2 concept is pretty cool, with many good looking aspect and even a speaker in the front. This design seems to follow the HD’s main look, and just replace some things around, and make the bottom have more use. There is no spec sheet, or concept of what the back should look like, but considering it took about 15 minutes for him to make this… I am sure he did not have the time. I also really like the touch sensitive buttons… its a fairly awesome way to control your device and I rather have that than hardware buttons.

The Sense concept is very simple, and does not change from what we have currently on our devices (which disappoints me). The problem people that make sense concepts face is… they are simple keeping the same old stuff and putting it in tiles and hubs. WP7 is all about change and innovation, and as such, I am sure the truly new Sense will have a new idea, concept, and approach to how it looks and how it improves the system. Other than that, the concept is very colorful, and nice looking, and I would not mind using this if I had no other option.

This is my second HD3 Concept. I made the first one (link) in February 2010 – back then people didn’t knew much about Windows Phone 7. I thought it’s going to be similar to 6.5.x and that – at some point – we’ll be able to flash it on our current devices.
That’s why I came up with a phone running Windows Mobile 7 and which looked like a kitchen knife (and what’s with that huge weather animation?! ).
The Concept got some attention and was mentioned on several websites and blogs all over the world. That’s when I learned that Google Translate has no problems translating “What an ugly phone!” from Russian and Turkish to English. Although I designed it for my graphic novel which takes place in 2015, my futuristic HD3 specifications were taken seriously so I was heavily criticized for the hardware.
Now, a few months later, I present to you my latest HD3 Concept.
Since everyone would like to see different specs I’ve decided to give you guys a chance of writing your own. I will update the threat withrealistic specifications written by someone who knows what he/she’s talking about.
As you can see, my new HD3 has two Build-in Speakers on both sides of the screen (I really liked that about my previous concept), a front facing Camera, HDMI output and a Micro-USB port. There are 6 hardware buttons (Power, Volume Up and Down and 3 WP7 buttons). You can come up with the rest.
I decided to make WP7 more customizable so I skinned it with Sense 3 (do you REALLY think HTC would release a phone without Sense? I know Microsoft claims that all WP7 devices should use Metro, but Sense is HTC’s trademark). Of course you could still change the wallpaper:

You can head over to XDA for more on this

Update: I had a typo. It took actually 15 hours to make all this. He also said he will let XDA memebers do the spec sheet, so you go do that. Lastly that if he changed the WP7 metro design much more than he did, then he will get comments like “NOT ALLOWED”, so its not his fault. Enjoy

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