HTC HD2 vs iPhone 3GS: Pictures in low light

While we have both an iPhone 3GS and a HTC HD2 in the house I felt a few more low light pictures were in order.

In response to some demand this time I will include some pictures taken without using the full features of the HD2, but it bears remembering the extremely powerful flash makes pictures in complete darkness possible, and will likely make the difference in the evening of  getting acceptable pictures from the HD2 vs unusable pictures from the iPhone.


HTC HD2 with flash  IMAG0135

 HTC HD2 with flash disablediphone 046

iPhone 3GS

Looking at the pictures I notice the iPhone 3GS picture is quite bright, at the expense of a lot of noise, as can be seen on the wall.  The HD2 pictures sans flash are less bright, but this can easily corrected in Photoshop, and similarly leads to an increased level of noise. In the end the higher brightness on the iPhone does not rescue the picture from being too dark to distinguish the features from our little kitten Mimi, and the best results come from casting more literal light on the subject itself.

For comparison, the pictures below are from my old  Pentax 6 megapixel point and shoot camera.


With flash


Without flash

The picture without flash actually looks pretty nice, but due to the long expose times blurring is inevitable.

When one looks at the subject of the picture, the HTC HD2’s picture with flash probably looks as good as the Pentax’s, at least for web work. 

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