HTC HD2 vs HTC Nexus One – Browsing experience

Pocketnow have published this video comparing the browser experience between the Nexus One and the HTC HD2.  While they conclude the Nexus One is better due to the faster rendering and brighter screen, I think it is clear that the screen rotation delay was due to the devices being held at different angles, and that the HTC HD2 has both more flexible zooming due to pinch to zoom and also column re-rendering, absent on the HTC Nexus One, which made it a better experience to actually read web pages.  The HD2’s screen is also much larger, again resulting in better readability. Lastly of course on theHD2 there is the option to further speed up browsing by using Opera Turbo.

So, similar to, we would have to conclude the reading experience is a lot better on the larger-screened device.

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