HTC HD2… Simply Timeless

When released, the HTC HD2 was a device for the ages. This new technology had something no other phone had, and much to my surprise, that statement still stands true for the most part with today’s new hardware. I have been trying to replace my HD2 with a more modern and newly released device. Now you may ask why? Well apparently I might have listened to a bit too much music and now my HD2’s 3.5mm headphone jack does not work properly. Now back to the story. I looked at all the new devices from Android to Android (no new Windows Phone device coming out anytime soon, Only WP7). I looked at the Samsung Vibrant for T-mobile and figured out while its new, it still pretty much mimics the HD2 but does not bring along the dual LED flash or the non buggy software. I looked at the Desire, but it does not have T-mobile 3G and the hardware is pretty similar to the HD2 except for the small screen.

After all this, it hit me. The HD2 was not made to just replace the HD1. It must have been made as HTC’s final device for Windows Mobile 6.5, and they wanted something that will never get old. I mean the spec sheet is still pretty hard to beat even with more advanced technology out there, and it still looks very sleek and slim.

At the end of the day, if you want to stick with WM6.5, it seems HTC gave you all they got and put everything into the perfect final device. Now let’s hope they do the same for the HD3 (which I should be buying if it looks sick). My HD2 is still in my pocket, it cannot be replaced at the moment with any current hardware out there.

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