HTC HD2 selling out across the nation?



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soldouthtchd2 TMoNews reports punters interested in acquiring the T-Mobile version of the HTC HD2 are many times ending up going home empty-handed, with the device sold out in local stores. Even turning to RadioShack and Walmart has so far not guaranteed the device for  prospective buyers.

While the HTC HD2 is an amazing device, the sales performance today has been somewhat surprising, given the recent announcement of the better specified Sprint Evo, also from HTC.  Of course the HTC HD2 is here right now, unlike the Evo which may still run into delays, and is priced very attractively as low as $99 at dealers like while the Evo is likely to carry a steep WIMAX premium, and is actually useful for business users, again unlike the Android Evo.

Are any of our readers running into shortages? Let us know below.

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