HTC HD2 Official Car Kit reviewed

CoolSmartphone have published their review of the official HTC HD2 Car kit. The video above is just one part, and  also includes many close-up pictures.

Gears concludes:

This is a very sturdy car kit which survived a week of being stuck in my car on motorway journeys, windy country lanes and constant removal and re-installation. The ability to charge on-the-go should never be under-estimated, especially with todays battery-draining colour displays,WiFi and 3G capabilities. If you’re a heavy sat-nav user this is simply a must, otherwise you’ll find your HD2 going flat pretty quickly.

We’ve got a huge stack of up-close pictures for you to look at too, so click on or hit the link below to buy one of these. At the time of writing they’re £61.30 and indeed, this does seem like quite a lot of money to us. We couldn’t find anything to moan about though – it’s excellent quality and activates the HD2’s special "NaviPanel" application…. we just wish it was a little cheaper.

Read the full review here.