HTC HD2 Future: Thoughts



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With all this HD2 news this week being covered by not only us but other phone sites, I think its about time I imageput my thoughts up. As many of you know, I have been itching to get my hands on this new device. With many being sold in the first day, I was shot down, but here is what I thought about the device, even before buying it.

I have to start with the most popular topic. This is the next gen of goodness… many have been giving the HD2 a hard time for not being updated through MS or HTC.

Why its good for the HD2:

  • It uses the devices full power
  • The OS is more attractive
  • WP7S is smoother
  • WP7S is faster(From what MS says)
  • WP7S is better looking
  • WP7S is 1000X more integrated
  • WP7S has more Apps

Why its bad for the HD2:

  • WP7S kills many cool features  the device prides its self on.
  • WP7S Will kill its Multi Tasking ability(for now)
  • WP7S Has limited Business Features
  • No Copy & Paste
  • No Sense UI
  • No Sense UI
  • No Sense UI
  • I do not thin I need to say this anymore… No sense UI.

As you can see… the list has both good and bad sides. I think I would love to have this new OS in my hands. I am more of a social person, not a business user. The device will fit perfectly with my addiction with Pandora  and Movies.

I think I would love if the Port htcpedia becomes the perfect version, and I can flash… and live happily ever after.

T-mobile Future:

After the first 4 days of being on the network, the device is doing pretty good for its self. I think with those numbers, T-mobile might see a huge sales potential in the device and make a bigger attempt at marketing and offer more devices.

The device will most likely sell a lot on America’s fourth biggest network. The sale numbers will not only be outstanding… but will finally show people the true goodness of Windows Mobile and people can finally have something to talk about, other than the I stinking phone.

The Outcome of the device being on T-mobile USA:

  • Sales Might bring Windows Mobile back to the US eyes
  • T-mobile will have a truly exciting WP device
  • HTC will becoming increasing Popular
  • The Iphone will be sandbagged due to the HD2 being so!! awesome
  • HTC will see how open the US market is, and bring in more devices, instead of us waiting.

The Life Span:

I know HTC, they like to have new devices out there back to back, and so I thought the lfe span should be important to talk about. The HTC HD2 while being a very awesome device is exactly like every generation of HTC device. HTC has managed to surprise us every year with a new BADASS device, and last year the HD2 was that device.

I think in 5 months(at least) there will be a new BADASS device and the HD2 will be like this years HD1, old news. The new device should be a fairly large screen device, AMOLED, fast, slim, sexy, keyboard and cheaper. It should be announced by late august, and released by the holiday.

My final thoughts:

The HD2 is the greatest Windows Phones yet, but as time goes by many will notice how HTC works. They do things like apple. They release device, and leave out some features that they know would be killer, and then they add it to their next device and tried to sell more and more. Apple does the same things, but instead of hardware they do software.

I am still looking for my HD2, but in a couple of months I would have moved on to the Toshiba K01, because I cannot live without my keyboard.

Again, these are my personal thoughts of the HD2. The device in my mind is great, but by summer it will be just the same as everything else(well everything else will have 3 buttons to the device 5.)

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