HTC HD2 Android Video


6, 2010

Author WenWP // in Game, hack, News


The Android port for the HTC HD2 has been making news on just about ever site that reports on Windows Mobile news, now this video is here to give you a preview of what you would get if you tried it. The video illustrates the Herat loading, startup, and app loading process of this port. The port is a bit slow, and I say this with experience but that comes from it being one of the first releases.

The port has the new Mario wallpaper that was released on XDA earlier this week, and the main build is Android 2.1.

If you follow the developers, you will know that the development of Android for the HD2 is the fastest in history. Everyday he tweets about the newest updates for the port. Today one of the developers figured out the Wi-Fi connection. Yesterday they figured out all the sensors like G-sensor, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor, don’t forget the compass support. Tomorrow ill bet they will get 3G going, and in two weeks… They should have the GPS support handy.

I will try and get another statement from the developer and how this has all been going for them, and will post it here.

Comment below and tell us what you think of the HDEvo2, and hopefully you will give the port a try. Do not forget to follow the developer to stay up to date on their ports.


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