HTC G-sensor API now updated to support Samsung Omnia



We have written earlier of a new way to bring HTC G-Sensor applications to the Samsung Omnia. Now Koushik Dutta has done what Microsoft should have – created a cross-platform implementation of his HTCGSensor API, that can be used on both Samsung and HTC devices, and can be extended to include other Windows Mobile devices with accelerometers, like the Eten Glofiish V900.

Enabling g-sensor software to be used on non-HTC devices will need some minor code changes. The HTCGsensor API has changed in the following ways:

  • HTCGSensor is now a private class.
  • SamsungGSensor is a new private class.
  • Instead of creating a HTCGSensor or SamsungGSensor explicitly, developers should use the new GSensorFactory.CreateGSensor method to get the appropriate IGSensor object for the device the application is running on.

See Koushik’s website for the more information and the G-sensor download.

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