HTC Brothers Fight: HD2 Vs Droid Incredible

Droid Incredible101_2138The Droid Incredible and HD2, two devices born by the same mothers with many similarities, but when it comes down to the focus… They are not even related. I have had both devices for quite some time now; enjoying everything about both whether it’s the HD’s huge screen or the Droids small form factor. I love both devices, and like parents do… They put their kids head to head to find out who is the better one.

Since I am a bad parent and have to send my kid (Droid Incredible) back to child services… It seems about time I compare them. Before clicking the read more link remember I like to stay unbiased and so certain things might seem like I am being biased to the Incredible. No, its just the truth.



The first thing about buying a new device is how hard it is to find it.

CIMG0122The HD2 has been available to the market for some 8 months now and that means just about everyone has had a chance to get it. It has been around the world first released in the UK market in November. The device was available to O2, Vodafone and just about everyone. In May it made it to America, being released with T-mobile the fourth largest carrier in the country and more important a GSM network, meaning AT&T customers can easily unlock it and use it. So as far as availability goes the HD2 is pretty out there.


The Droid incredible has not been available for as long as the HD2. It was released on April 29th and it made its way to the only company that calls their Android devices Droids. Verizon Wireless had many ads and videos making the device seem cool, and gosh darn it they were right. When released over 92 million people had the chance to buy it. Since the device is a CDMA device, it  means only those Verizon costumers get a chance at it. No other network in the world gets a chance at it, even though we know of many other HTC devices that are very similar.

The limitation of availability means the HD2 wins this one considering it has been out longer and has more network pull. The Droid incredible is still on one of the largest networks in the world, so that is a pretty big deal. If you me, you like being special and so a device being available to more people does not make you too happy.