HTC boosts its Windows Mobile sales by 21% YoY



Author Surur // in News

HTC, the leading purveyor of Windows Mobile phone, with over 70% of the market, appears to have weathered the onslaught of competitors very well. Even in the gloomy financial climate they managed to boost sales 21.1% YoY in June, and 8.2% from May 2008. The managed to generate $389.5 million in sales, meeting analysts projections of their performance. For Q2 2008 they secured revenue of $1.14 billion, ahead of their own projection of $1.1 billion.

After-tax profits, at $210 million for Q2 2008, were down 6.3% sequentially however due to a one-off write-off of unused inventory and rising marketing expenses. Most Windows Mobile users would however agree that money spent on marketing is money well spent, as HTC vie for consumer attention with marketing juggernauts like Apple.

HTC is at present rolling out the new generation of their Touch Platform, with the Touch Diamond already in many hands and reaching carrier shelves very soon, and the Touch Pro likely to be on sale in Q3 2008


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