HTC applies for another tablet patent


Yesterday we posted about a hinge design which would be perfect for a dual screen device.  Today we are posting on another HTC patent application which demonstrates a method of splitting the screen of a tablet-like device by drawing a gesture from one bevel to another, and interestingly explicitly shows the Windows Mobile flag.

The patent is summarizes as below.

A method for generating multiple windows frames, an electronic device thereof, and a computer program product using the method are provided. In the present method, first, a touch trajectory generated by continuously touching a touch panel of the electronic device is detected, wherein the center of the touch panel is a display area, and a non-display area surrounds the display area. Then, whether the touch trajectory is started from one side of the non-display area and passed through the display area to be extended to another side of the non-display area is determined. If so, the display area is split according to the touch trajectory to display at least two windows frames. As a result, an intuitional and convenient method for generating multiple windows frames in the display area is provided, and the operation of the electronic device is made very convenient.

HTC is well known to have had plans for a tablet which they have since shelved.  With the current popularity of tablets it is almost certain HTC will revive their plans, and it is likely we will see much of this technology show up in these devices also.

Read the patent here.

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