HTC aims to eliminate your upside down pictures

htcpicpatent HTC’s researchers and patent lawyers have been busy.  Their latest claim is to a technique for detecting the orientation of the camera when taking pictures (this is already implemented in some phones) and then recording the picture in the orientation that would ensure that the picture is right way around in most viewers.

The prior art is recording the orientation of the camera in the EXIF data, meaning applications that support the feature would show the picture right way round, but that would leave applications and services that do not, such as online services such as Facebook, with an upside down picture.  HTC’s method would ensure the picture is right way around everywhere

Read the patent application below:



An image processing method, an electronic device thereof, and a recording medium thereof are provided, which are applicable for processing an image captured by an electronic device. In this method, a default direction is defined first, and a current usage direction of the electronic device is obtained then. If the usage direction is not consistent with the default direction, the image is adjusted to a correct direction according to both the usage direction and the default direction. Finally, the adjusted image is recorded. Therefore, regardless of the direction along which the user holds the electronic device when capturing the image, the recorded image is always in the correct direction. The rotation operations performed to the images that are not in the correct direction can be omitted when browsing the images, so as to greatly increase the convenience and smoothness in browsing images.

Small features such as this is one of the pillar’s of HTC’s Sense platform, with small nice features that make the phone work as we expect, but still surprise us when it does.