HTC 8X user review

We have had a user review of the Nokia Lumia 920, and below is one for the HTC 8X, posted by David Muful on

I thought I would quickly review my new 8X. I’m posting this from it.

I bought it yesterday in phones4u Stirling, Scotland. I was the first the purchase it in my area. The staff were helpful, and knew a lot about the phone. The manager of the store actually brought the device from stock and told me he was jealous, because he wanted to be the first to buy the phone, and had reserved his own. The only available colour was blue at this time. Red and yellow will come later. I would have liked the red, but having the blue now, I can see it goes with more accent colours.

The hardware itself is stunning. The screen is what we windows phone fans have always deserved. It is absolutely beautiful. No discernable pixels. Photos look great. You cannot be disappointed with this screen quality.

The camera seems quick and high quality in my limited testing. It consistently took high quality sharp photos without much noise in twilight conditions, successfully balancing the lighting conditions to give me a detailed image. I am very impressed.

The phone itself is gorgeous. It uses a little trick of being thin at the edges and bulging at the middle across the back which makes the phone seem super thin. It is also quite light. I almost asked if it was a dummy unit in the store because of the weight. Build quality is really good, and man this phone is drop dead gorgeous in person. I was torn between it and the 920 but now feeling a phone so thin and light that takes brilliant photos, I would recommend this over the 920 to anyone. This is a Triumph Bonneville to the Nokia’s Harley Davidson. A lot of people will love the 920, but for the difference in price, size and weight and essentially just for a better camera it’s just not worth it to me.

In terms of the os, I think you guys know enough about that. There are a lot of really small improvements that you need to use the phone to notice. I can see why Microsoft were so pushed for time with this, it really is a vast improvement. Not only is everything faster and better looking, but oftentimes more functional as well.

Third party software is a world of low res currently. That’s okay, the SDK hasn’t been out for very long. Using old apps with the new resolution does look kind of crappy, and is slightly letterboxed. MS dis the smart thing and did not put a border at the bottom as apple did when running old apps, so you don’t have difficulty typing on a misplaced keyboard, something I’ve experienced on the iPhone 5 which is very frustrating. I’m going to give it two months before i start uninstalling apps that aren’t updated for wp8 though, just because going from amazing quality to low res is slightly irritating.

Performance is very very good. I would give it 9.5 out of 10. There is not even the faintest whisper of a fart from lag, but occasional third party apps (like Facebook) take slightly too long to resume( as in 1.5s vs .5s). That is really my only knock against performance. I would say that most apps launch incredibly quickly now. This was my biggest complaint from windows phone 7, and to see it addressed so well is nice.

Overall, if you liked windows phone 7, you’ll love windows phone 8. If certain things kept you from enjoying wp7 last time, they are almost certainly addressed this time around.

With the HTC 8X offering a solid price and weight advantage over the more popular Nokia Lumia 920, are we unfairly discounting the handset?

Other HTC 8X owners, let us know below.

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