HTC 7 Pro on Sprint prove CDMA rumours wrong


We have heard there will be no CDMA Windows Phone 7 devices any time soon.

The HTC 7 Pro proves this wrong, and looks good in the process.

HTC 7 Pro
Internally, it’s roughly the same phone ticking away as the various other WP7 handsets HTC is launching, with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, 576MB of ROM and 16GB of internal storage. That extra memory will be hugely appreciated, I’m sure.

It’s a little smaller in size than some of the other handsets, despite its slide-out keyboard. It measures 117.5 x 59 x 15.5mm, and weighs 183.5 grams, and is crammed full with the usual specs, along with a 5MP camera with LED flash (capable of shooting 720p video), and a more powerful battery at 1500mAh.


Thanks MobilePaddy for the tip.