HTC 7 Mini running OS 7.11.1131 shows up in WP Bench


The last Windows Phone Mini device was the HTC HD Mini running WM 6.5

As usually Robert Varga’s WP Bench app is a rich source of new device rumours.  The latest to pop up is the HTC 7 Mini, with a version number of T86861.  The T8686 is the HTC 7 Trophy, so presumably this new handset will be a similar mid-range  device.

More interesting however is the OS the handset runs. So far all the Windows Phone Mango and Tango versions we have seen were running Windows Phone OS 7.10.xxxx .  This would be the first sign of a completely new OS build, beyond Tango, and may represent the first evidence of Apollo running on a handset.

If you want to do your own spelunking WP Bench can be found in Marketplace here.

Thanks Andrew for the tip.

Update: It appears the “new device” is data faked by Leon Zandman.  Leon, you are banned.