HP’s Elite x3 is now available at Carphone Warehouse on a 24 month contract

While HP’s Elite x3 was a device which was initially sold directly by HP and Microsoft at it release, the firm indicated that it would be amenable to making it available via carrier contracts if the opportunity arose, and that time seems to be here.

The UK retail firm Carphone Warehouse is now stocking the HP Elite x3 for sale both online and in stores for users who prefer to get their devices on contract. The device will set you back an upfront cost of £89.99 with £37.50 per month for a traditional contract if you opt to grab the desk dock, or £59.99 and a £37.50 per month bill if you go without.

If you’re not into contracts and would like to get it sim free, that’ll be £699 for the dock equipped HP Elite x3 and £679 for the dock less version. It is a bit steep, but the HP Elite x3 is a powerfully specced device with a 6 inch Ultra HD screen, Iris and Fingerprint Scanning for Windows Hello Authentication, 64 GB of Storage with SD Card Support, Support for Continuum and other accessories for business users.

Even though Windows on phone has been severely diminished in both supply and demand, there is still demand from some corporate users and Microsoft fans for Windows 10 Mobile powered devices and both HP and Carphone Warehouse recognise this.

If you’re interested, you can check out our review of the business-aimed device here and let us know what you think in the comments below.