HP introduces its first ever Omen X gaming laptop


22, 2017

HP is finally adding a gaming laptop to its Omen lineup. The company introduced gaming PCs for the Omen line in the past, but this is the first time it’s launching a new gaming laptop under the Omen brand. The company’s new Omen X gaming laptop is a powerful laptop built for hardcore gaming on the go, it includes all the latest technology, ranging from the CPU to the memory.

To differentiate itself from all the other recently introduced gaming laptops, HP is trying to grab the attention of gamers who like upgrading their gear every once in a while. The Omen X gaming laptop includes a “see-through” panel on the back which will make it very easy for gamers to swap out the HDD, SSD or the RAM without needing to open up the whole device.

In terms of the specs, you are getting a big 17-inch 4K display with the device but HP is also offering a 1080p variant with a much better refresh rate of 120Hz. Both of the variants support NVIDIA’s G-Sync. For the CPU, HP has packed Intel’s 7th gen Core i7 processors and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 for the graphics card. Notably, the device includes a mechanical keyboard with a 2.5mm key travel which should be perfect for most gamers.

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HP’s new Omen X gaming laptop looks like a solid start to the company’s new line of gaming laptops. This is obviously not the first gaming laptop from HP, but it’s the most powerful you can get right now. It’s obviously not cheap, and you’ll have to spend $2,199 for the entry-level variant which will be available this November.

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