HP Glisten reviewed

CNET has reviewed the HP Glisten, currently available on AT&T. The smartphone is specs-wise a good competitor to a device such as the Blackberry Bold, but Bonnie Cha came away unimpressed by the low resolution AMOLED screen and unenhanced user interface.

Their conclusion:

The good: The HP iPaq Glisten features a spacious QWERTY keyboard and offers the full range of wireless options. The phone has a sturdy construction.

The bad: The smartphone has a low-resolution screen that really isn’t optimized for a touch user interface. It has subpar multimedia capabilities, and performance can be sluggish at times.

The bottom line: Offering the bare minimum, the HP iPaq Glisten fails to impress us. It can serve the role of a basic messaging smartphone, but there are better alternatives out there.

Read their full review here.