HP forgets to remove their Debugging Keylogger from driver again


12, 2017

Author Anmol // in News

Sometime back we reported HP using a keylogger on recent laptops which turned out to be just a minor mistake from HP’s side. As it turns out the company forgot another keylogger in the keyboard driver. The keylogger can be a potential threat to security as it is recording every keystroke on the computer. If you remember, HP was accused of spyware installation sometime back which turned out to be a telemetry client but many users complained that the software was installed without permission.

But, before you get worried, bear this in mind, the keylogger in the HP Synaptics Touchpad driver keyboard driver is not enabled by default. You need to make registry edits to enable it on the device. This points out to the fact that HP used it for debugging problems with the driver but forgot to remove the code before pushing out the update for everyone.

HP has released an advisory to everyone and pushed out patches to fix the issue. There are over 475 different models affected by this issue. We advise everyone to check advisory released by HP to ensure you have up to date drivers.

Via: Toms HardwareHP Support

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