HP Elite X3 bundle will cost less than a smartphone, desktop and laptop combined


22, 2016

hp elite x3

In an interview at MWC Andy Nuttall, HP’s director of mobility strategy revealed some more information about the HP Elite X3.

He answered one question that has been on the lips of many of our readers which is how much the device will cost. Nuttall did not give any prices, but revealed that the whole bundle of the phone, desktop dock and mobile extender will cost less than buying a separate desktop, notebook, and phone. The device will be sold either as a bundle or separate pieces.

He also gave a somewhat firmer delivery date than “summer”, saying that HP expects to ship the device in August, and will announce the device’s initial markets before then.

Nuttall also confirmed that while the device was aimed at the enterprise market, the HP Elite x3 will also be available for consumers at HP.com.

Speaking about the device, for which he said there was real demand in enterprise, he said:

“If you take away from this conversation that this is simply HP launching a Windows phone with Continuum, then I’ve failed to explain to you the depth and breadth of our strategy and approach. We truly believe that we’re pushing way beyond a phone in order to build a whole new category of computing.”

More than half of the customers who have tested the device said they could see it replacing a tablet, while more than a third said it could replace their notebook, he said.

“Anyone who’s used [previous devices] will say they were underpowered for a full-screen experience, there wasn’t an operating system that really made sense to drive the kinds of conversion experiences we’re talking about, and at that point the mobile device, whether on the phone or the tablet, wasn’t really so central to everyone’s lives as it is now,” he said. “With proper PC power, Windows 10 OS, with Continuum… and also the kind of ‘data is everywhere, consumers are so focused on their mobile device,’ makes this real kind of paradigm shift work.”

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