HP Elite x3 back to £673.20 in UK

Brexit saw the HP Elite X3’s price sky rocket to £757.80 in the UK, but fortunately the company has seen sense and has now lowered the price of the handset to more affordable but still pricey £673.20 bundled with the desk dock.

That pretty bundle buys:

  • 5.96″ WQHD AMOLED display
  • 16MP Full HD camera
  • 64GB/expandable up to 2TB via microSD
  • Compatible with GSM carriers
  • Includes HP Elite x3 Desk Dock
  • Iris recognition and fingerprint reader

To sweeten the deal the company is throwing in a free ‘Privacy Screen’ protector worth £10.80 with voucher code PRIVSCREEN at checkout.

The deal can be grabbed at HP.com here.