HP Clarifies Its Stand On Promoting Windows 7 PCs, Wants To Provide Choice For Consumers And Not Dropping Windows 8


24, 2014

HP Windows 7 PC

Earlier this week,  we reported that HP has recently started promoting on its homepage on sale of Windows 7 PCs.With a huge marketing message “Back on popular demand”, HP was trying to sell a 5 year old OS to its customers. It raised lots of discussions and criticisms on HP and Windows 8. Today, HP clarified its stand on this issue through its official blog. The reason they are still selling Windows 7 PCs are because they want to give choice to consumers. Also, they confirmed that they are not dropping Windows 8 and pointed out that all Windows 7 PCs that are on sale are also available with Windows 8.

Whether you’ve been reading the tech news blogs – or just saw an ad on our HP Shopping page, you’ve probably been asking yourself, “Why is HP selling Windows 7 PCs in a Windows 8 world?” The answer is dead simple: Choice. We like giving our customers the option to get the computer that’s right for them.

For some folks, that’s Android. We’ve got everything from 2-in-1 detachables like the SlateBook x2 to the giant-sized Slate21 All-in-One.

For those that want to get the most out of a Touchscreen and Windows 8.1, we’ve got you more than covered with a complete line of computers running the whole gamut from desktops and All-in-Ones to laptops, tablets and everything in-between.

And, yes, some people still want to run Windows 7 on their computers.

We want people to be happy with our computers – whichever option they choose – BUT WE ARE NOT DROPPING WINDOWS 8.

Let me put this in perspective for you.  All the fiveWindows 7 products we launched are available with Windows 8 as well.  And in addition, we have severaldozen more laptops and desktops that we only offer with Windows 8.

Source: HP

Source: HP

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