HP Announces New ProPad 600 Business Focused Windows Tablet


23, 2014

HP ProPad 600 Windows Tablet

At Mobile World Congress today, HP announced a new business focused mid-range Windows tablet called ProPad 600. This business focused Windows tablet comes with a 10.1-inch  1,920 x 1,200, optically bonded display that supports pen input. Also the build quality is down to plastic from aluminum and the CPU is 64-bit Intel Baytrail chip. The device will also sport 8MP camera on the back, 2MP camera on the front and Micro-HDMI support as well. The device will also come with a microSD slot and a standard micro-USB port for charging.

Since it is a mid-range device, there is no option for LTE Radio and there is no support for HP Smart Jackets as well. The device will hit the market in April 2nd – 3rd week.

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