How would you advertise Windows Phone 7?

Windows Phone 7  mockupMicrosoft has just released their latest instalment of their Halo franchise – Halo: Reach, and has predictably gone all out with promotion, including flying a jet pack around Trafalgar Square.

We can expect a similar level of media activity with Windows phone 7, which does make me wonder what the most effective way Microsoft could promote their new mobile OS would be. 

I believe Microsoft has in the past been guilty of being too high concept with their advertising,  but in the recent years has gone for a more direct approach with Windows 7 for example. 

In my view Microsoft needs to do 2 things with Windows phone 7 – leverage their existing successful properties, and be direct with the consumer about how the experience would transfer to Windows Phone 7.

For the first part I think a series of ads such as these would explain that Windows phone 7 ties into properties hundreds of millions of people are using already, making the phone relevant to them and their interest.

wp7ad3 wp7ad2

The other part, explaining how the user experience on Windows phone 7 is better, is obviously best articulated in video, but like their Windows 7 ads should be scenario-based and show the actual UI of the device in action, much like Apple’s iPhone ads.  It is also important that Microsoft addresses their perceived weaknesses, e.g. users may not know that they can get download and buy music and video from Microsoft, believing they need an Apple product for a good media experience.

What is certain is that Microsoft can not rely on the tech media, who have often moved into the Apple and Google ecosystem, to explain the Windows phone 7 story, meaning Microsoft needs to work aggressively on this aspect.

Now of course these are just my ideas as a consumer of what would help me decide on a Windows phone vs an Android device or iPhone.  Possibly our readers can do better.  Why not let us know your idea of a killer marketing campaign for Windows Phone 7 below, and maybe include a mock-up if you are up to it, which I may include in the body of this post.