How to get the Nokia Lumia 900 free on contract, and Wal-mart thinks the 900 has no WIFI and a QVGA screen


Wal-mart’s $49.99 price is nice, but getting the Nokia Lumia 900 for free on contract is even better.

Using this promo code, while it lasts, will snag you the handset for free from AT&T’s online store.

You may not want to give your money to Wal-mart in any case, the way they mangled the Nokia Lumia 900’s spec sheet.  It is only there that we finally learn the horrible truth, that the Lumia 900 is so cheap because is has a QVGA screen and no WIFI (or maybe that is just the Wal-mart versions). Of course the brand new (and non-existent) micro-SD card slot does make up for that somewhat.

Thanks Jarkko and mtpfischer for the tip.