How to fix Live Tiles which are not updating without a hard reset (only developer unlocked devices)

beezJim Szymanski over at MobilityDigest has done some research on the problem of Live Tiles no longer updating and what he calls “constipated notification queues”. 

I would say it would be fair to say that he has still not come up with a clear answer as to what is going wrong, but the short of it is that the 15 app limit for Live Tile apps is much too low for what is going in in the background, and that this limit is rapidly exceeded even if you do not have more than 15 apps with notifications installed.

His solution is somewhat hacky, but certainly much better than hard resetting your phone, which is the only other working option.

First, disable the Live Tile functionality or uninstall the Live Tile app if not possible.

Next , one needs to developer unlock the device.  ChevronWP7 will not work on post-NoDo devices.

Then, one needs to download and deploy a registry editor .

Lastly you need to navigate to these two registry keys and delete them, including the subkeys.



Soft reset your device and re-enable the Live Tile features or re-install the apps in question, and push notifications should now work.

Of course this whole process is far from ideal, and we hope Microsoft fixes both the issues which cause the notification queue to get blocked up, and increase the limit drastically to prevent this issue.  As Live Tiles are a major selling point of the platform, this is really a matter of urgency.

Read the process in much more detail at MobilityDigest here.