How to downgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 to WP8.0 (video)

Downgrade from windows phone 8.1 to 8.0

Windows Phone 8.1 is pretty great, but some issues such as poor battery life is real and can be a deal breaker to some.

While ideally no-one should be installing the Developer Preview on their main device, we know from our poll today nearly everyone who reads the site has done just that.

If you find that things have gone a bit haywire and you need to get back to old and reliable Windows Phone 8 there is a way.

Alin Gheaja has uploaded the above video showing the process of reflashing you phone back to Windows Phone 8.0 firmware.

Of note is that the process will hard reset your phone, and you will only be able to get back what is backed up.  Many things, such as Game Progress and data from apps which do not back up to the cloud will be lost.

The steps are otherwise simple.

  • Backup your data as best you can.
  • Download and install the Nokia Software Updater from Nokia here.
  • Connect your phone with the screen unlocked and NSU running.
  • The app will say there is an update available.
  • Follow the prompts to install the new firmware.

Once again, note that this process will be the same as hard resetting your handset.

Will any of the 80+% of our readers who already upgraded to WP8.1 be downgrading? Let us know why below.