How to add a lanyard strap to your HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 is not a small device, and we have seen many examples of the screen being destroyed after being dropped, including the phone owned by our editor l3v5y, which cost him £150 to repair.

HTC in their wisdom however decided not to include a lanyard strap hook in their device most likely to be dropped.  Barring a case, that leaves the smartphone forever vulnerable to falling when in use, especially if one attempts one-handed usage.

BiffsterX has decided to take matters into his own hands by recording this small how-to video which shows how to add a simple lanyard to the device.  Of course this approach is not close to as strong or reliable as a real lanyard hook, but might just save your device and wallet in a pinch.

Do our readers have any more creative solutions?  Let us know below.

By special request, BiffsterX performed a stress test, which can be viewed after the break.