How powerful are Live Tiles in Mango? Take a look at this video

Before Mango Live tiles really did not do much.  In fact they could not even pass information to an app when clicked on e.g opening up on the exact article who’s headline you just read on your Live Tile.

This changed however massively in Mango, with apps now able to have multiple tiles which can communicate with the parent app and background processes and also deep link to content, amongst the many new features.

Rudy Huyn, the developer of TVShow, has created this demo showing what can be done when things are taken to extremes.  He created a Live Tile Tetris game in only 3 hours and less than 24 hours after the updated SDK as released.  Of course it is only a tech demo, but I think it is clear those blue squares are going to become even more integral to our Windows Phone 7 experience when Mango comes along.