How “merchandising” could help boost Windows Phone sales

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I have to start by thanking all our readers for the great feedback from my previous post, “Microsoft has 3 months to make or break Windows Phone.” It has been comforting to know that I’m not “crazy” and that there are a lot of people who share my sentiments.

Reading through the impassioned commentary, I realized that Microsoft may find salvation to boost its WP7 outlook in the most unlikely places; its own loyal followers, readers like you! We always talk here about how many of our friends we have convinced to try out and eventually use the OS. How about if Microsoft were to make it worth your wile and pay for your efforts?

You see, I have friends who do merchandising in order to supplement their income. This is basically a part time job they sign up for online and get partnered with various retail stores. Their job is to go to their assigned stores and make sure that the product shelves they are in charge of are stocked, neatly presentable, record inventory and more.

Microsoft could take a page from this business practice and start their own program to make sure that wherever Windows Phones are sold, there will always be somebody who cares to make sure that the inventory is up to date, presentable and always in working order. These individuals would also get to be in charge of running special promotions and being at the stores a few hours a week to help prospective consumers with the phones. As an incentive, these individuals would be provided with a free WP7 and get trained on all the in and outs of the OS before they started working.

I think this provides a win-win situation for both Microsoft and the loyal fan-base in that Windows Phone gets better exposure and the fans get paid for their efforts. There will of course have to be some form of simple certification and formal code of ethics that these merchandisers will have to follow to make sure that the consumer, the merchandiser, the retailers and Microsoft have a pleasant experience.

Image credit Joe Wilcox

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