How I said goodbye to Cortana and saved my battery


As can be seen from the graph above, I have been having a pretty rough time battery life-wise recently, culminating in oversleeping by 45 minutes this morning when my alarm did not go off because my phone’s battery died while I slept, the first time ever for me with a Windows Phone.

As can also be seen from the graph, the phone has been spending a lot of time on the charger, but even then failing to charge fully, mainly due to continuing battery drain by something in Windows Phone 8.1.

I have now concluded that that something is Cortana, and after deactivating that succubus my battery life nearly immediately returned back to normal.  My phone was now cool to the touch, and was only draining a few percent an hour, versus more than 10% earlier while sitting idle.

Cortana is cool, but having a phone that will actually wake me up in the morning is a lot more important, and now scanning QR Codes is easier too.

Have any of our readers had the same issues, and have you tried this solution? Let us know below.



My phone woke me up this morning with a full 88% charge still left.