Hover interactions may be coming to Lumias


27, 2013

Author Surur // in News


NPU reports on two Nokia patents which indicate that Nokia Lumias may be getting Galaxy S3-type hover interactions, where the phone will sense fingers some distance above the screen.

Nokia envisions it working in two ways:

1) Text or objects enlarging if you hover your finger over them.  This will also make it easier to locate touch points e.g. enlarging sections of a web page.

2) Being able to manipulate text input and icons via hover mode. One mode would enlarge the text under your finger and then pan the text based on movement of your hand. As seen in Figure 8 above this should make positioning the cursor even easier.

There actions have been seen largely as gimmicks on the Galaxy platform, but I think Windows Phone could probably do with a few more gimmicks to attract the punters.

See the patents here and here.

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