Hotmail gets the Jump List


5, 2010

Author Surur // in News

When the IE9 beta launched last month, one of the features the IE9 team showed off was Pinned Sites and Jump Lists, using Hotmail as an example.  Only the Jump List for Hotmail wasn’t quite yet ready.

Our friend Vasudev spotted it in action, though, and now you can pin Hotmail to your Windows 7 taskbar using IE9, and go straight to your Inbox, Calendar, or Contacts, start an email message, or go to Windows Live Home:


We’re using the Jump List too: you can add Hotmail or LiveSide (or any other Pinned Sites enabled website), by dragging a tab or the Favicon from the IE9 “onebar” to your taskbar.

And just a teaser, it looks like we’ll be able to make even better use of Jump Lists when we make the switch to WordPress (coming very soon, now!).

(via Vasudev, who got his LiveSide stickers, did you?  We still have some if you’re interested!)

(Update: just got a note that not everyone may be seeing this quite yet, although it’s working here.  Does it work for you?)

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