Hoping that 3rd time is a charm for Windows Phone 7 at MIX 2011


9, 2011

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mix 2011

They say patience is a virtue and with Windows Phone 7, or other Microsoft’s offerings in the mobile space, I have to say that trait has been definitely tested at least for myself.

In January, we/I had high hopes that the guys at Redmond would announce at CES, a tablet/slate competitor to the iPad, but alas, all we got were more Windows powered devices that we have seen over the past decade still plagued with poor battery life and a UI designed mainly for the keyboard and mouse. There was an interesting demo of the next version of Windows running on ARM chips which should should solve the battery life issues on devices. Lately, there have also been news stories about all the new features that Windows 8 will bring including a much overhauled touch experience more suitable for tablets. The downside, we have to wait for over another year before the product comes to market.

Then came Mobile World Congress and this time our eyes turned to what was in store for Windows Phone 7. Again, there were few demos of multitasking, twitter integration in the people hub together with IE9 with HTML 5 support among other things. When will we see these? By the end of the year when the Mango update rolls around. That dreaded word rings in my head again! It all demands patience young grasshopper, all these things shall come to pass in due time.

It is my hope then that the next series of updates will go smoother and more pleasantly than the NoDo updates. I also hope that MS will finally give a definite answer whether or not the Zune HD devices are done (I’m still hoping for a Zune HD2 device powered by the WP7 Os) Most of all, I would just like to hear in detail when the little nagging aspects of WP7 will be fixed, when more APIs will be open to developers to make ever more revolutionary apps,  and against all hope, that there will be updates in between the NoDo and Mango in the fall. So what are you guys looking forward to hear from MIX 2011 next week?

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