Homebrew: W.I.N.C.O. PhoController – control your Windows Phone from PC, take screen shots




In the golden days of Windows Mobile there used to be a variety of apps which allowed one to control your phone from your PC, including ones created by Microsoft themselves.

Unfortunately this is far from the case with Windows Phone, with no officially sanctioned way of even taking screen shots from your handset.

W.I.N.C.O. however did not let that stand in his way, and created W.I.N.C.O. PhoController, an app which exists both on your PC and phone, and which allows full remote control of your phone, and also the ability to easily take screen shots or even copy files to and from the handset.

As usual this level of fun is restricted to unlocked handsets.  If you are in that fortunate position read more at XDA-Dev here.

Via XDA- Developers.com, thanks Lautaro for the tip.

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