Homebrew NES emulator hits 60 fps

vNESLight Beta 2 - 60 FPS Mode (WP7 Mango phones only)

Nudua the developer of vNES Light,  has been hard at work optimising his NES emulator for Windows Phone 7.

His work had a big boost from Mango lifting the FPS restriction for apps from 30 to 60 fps, boosting the app from 27-29 fps to 45-50 fps.

In the above video we have MegaMan running at a smooth 45 fps and honestly looking great.

Due to piracy and copyright issues the emulator will however never make it to Marketplace, but you can grab the beta 1 of vNES Light from here  and ping Nudua on twitter for access to the beta 2.

Via WPSauce.com