Homebrew: Keep Alive will keep your WIFI active even when your phone is suspended


There is a consensus that keeping your WIFI going 24 hours  a day (for push email updates for example) in fact uses less battery life that accessing your 3G connection.

Unfortunately Windows Phone is in the habit of disabling your WIFI connection soon after your phone is suspended unless you are plugged in.

Now WindowsPhoneHacker’s Jaxbot has released a experimental XAP which will keep your WIFI connection alive constantly, likely by polling a server.

When combined with another previously rather trivial hack, Wireless Charging and AC Power in WPH Tweaks, which makes it appear as if your phone is plugged in when its not,  the app will also allow Wireless syncing with the Zune desktop client even without being plugged in.

Read more about the XAP, which does not require a fully unlocked, but of course still developer unlocked, handset here.

Via WPD.com