Homebrew Extreme–Dark Forces Team working on Native Development on Windows Phone 7


While we all know about home brew apps on Windows Phone 7, it is not widely known that even these non-marketplace apps are still operating inside Microsoft’s sandbox, with limited access to the operating system and underlying files.

The Dark Forces Team, in the guise of Cotulla, have never been one to let such restrictions lie.  After finding how to cook ROMs for Windows Phone 7 they have found a way to bypass the Windows phone 7 subsystems which prevent execution of files which are not signed, creating what they call “FullUnlock”. At present this can only be installed by flashing a FullUnlock ROM.

This has allowed Cotulla to execute native applications which execute using the Windows CE kernel and native Windows CE graphics APIs.  He reports the apps are not able to use the Silverlight UI elements as yet, and even the Windows CE graphics layer appears to be pretty broken, as it was never meant to be exposed.

He does note however this advance should enable the porting of apps like the famous TCMP or even old Windows Mobile apps.

FullUnlock will still need some more work however, but as the picture shows he has managed to come quite far.

Read more about his work at XDA-Developers here.