Homebrew backup tool for Windows Phone 7 released


Microsoft is designing Windows Phone 7 with the intent that nothing can ever go wrong, but we know the reality is that nothing is fool proof. Sometimes things go so wrong that the only answer is a hard reset.

At this point users will often utter a few choice curse words in Microsoft’s direction, as the Zune software does not include any way to back up data, and there is not any way to access data stored in most 3rd party apps.

XDA-Dev user hx4700Killer has developed a back-up solution for Windows Phone 7 making use of the tool Microsoft released to fix the Samsung update errors some users experienced when trying to update their phones.

The software will keep one backup at a time on your PC and the backups can be restored directly from the Zune software under Update.

Read more about the tool and its caveats at XDA-Developers here.  As usual such hacks are at your own risk, and you will not get much sympathy from Microsoft if you mess your phone up.

Via Pocketpc.ch

Thanks StevieBallz for the tip.