My HoloLens dream comes to life

Microsoft makes much of their HoloLens Mixed Reality headset rolling out to areas such as oil exploration, car design and operating theatres, and while these areas are easily able to bear the $5000 cost of the headset there is very little likelihood the general public will get their hands on the device and appreciate the technology.

That was why I have always been an advocate of the HoloLens as part of a multimedia museum tour, which to me seems to be the perfect application, due to the controlled environment, very focused application, and the ability to amortise the cost of the headset over thousands of users, and the very large market of museums (there are more than 55,000 museums worldwide).

It is therefore heartening to me to see the headset actually finding a place in a museum tour, if only temporarily.

At the Chateau de Pierrefonds visitors will be able to don the headset and see virtual exhibits of suits of armour, rooms with audio annotations and numerous virtual animations illustrating the 150-year history of the museum.

The exhibit runs today and tomorrow and was developed with the help of Minsight (previously HoloStoria).

See a video demonstrating the technology below, and read more about the exhibit here.

Hopefully, in the future, we will see such features become a permanent part of the museum experience, allowing us to enhance our experience of the past seamlessly with the technology of tomorrow.

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