Hollywood Is Embracing Microsoft Skype

Skype Oscar

Millions of people use Skype everyday for various purposes. In Hollywood, people are using Skype for character auditions and many academy award winning roles were first auditioned over Skype call. Microsoft today listed few of them, find it below.

  • Rosamund Pike, up for the Best Actress in a Leading Role for her portrayal of Amy Dunne in “Gone Girl,” was on-location in Northern Scotland when she first talked with director David Fincher over Skype.
  • In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence nabbed the Oscar after auditioning over Skype with director David O. Russell for “Silver Linings Playbook.” Her turn in the film earned Oscar and Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress in addition to a bunch of other accolades. And, the relationship that started on Skype led O. Russell to cast Lawrence in “American Hustle,” earning her a Golden Globe win and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.
  • Last year, another star who took home the Oscar gold also used Skype during the audition process. Jared Leto, while touring with his band, discussed the character Rayon in “Dallas Buyer’s Club” with Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallée over Skype. The actor convinced Vallée he was best for the part when he turned up for the video call in a dress, wig and lipstick.

Sienna Miller stars in Best Picture nominee “American Sniper.” Miller’s first meeting with Taya Kyle, whom she plays in the film, was on Skype.

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