The Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy is reportedly facing development trouble, enough that the game has already been pushed out of 2022. 

It’s been almost exactly a year since Warner Bros. Games last delayed Hogwarts Legacy, so it must just be that time of year, as the game has reportedly been delayed once again. That’s according to Sacred Symbol’s podcast host Colin Moriarty who said that “I’m hearing behind the scenes that game is not coming out this year.” 

Moriarty states in the podcast that the project is in “some sort of trouble,” which is apparently bad enough that the game possibly needs another full year in development. Moriarty hasn’t detailed exactly what’s caused this trouble at Avalanche Studios, but it’s probably a safe bet to think that the pesky pandemic we all know and hate may be at fault for at least some of it. 

Warner Bros. Games has yet to make an official announcement delaying Hogwarts Legacy once more, so there’s still a sliver of hope that it may release during 2022, albeit at the tail end of the year. 

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If you’ve not heard of it before, Hogwarts Legacy is a third-person RPG set in the Harry Potter universe, albeit a few hundred years before his arrival. In the game, which is mercifully free from J.K Rowling, players will be able to battle dark wizards, take part in lessons, ride magical creatures and make friends. All things that Harry Potter fans wish they could do.

Whenever it does release, Hogwarts Legacy will be available as a cross-gen title for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S consoles, and PC.