HISTORY Launches HISTORY HEREâ„¢ App for Windows Phone 7



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Press Release: HISTORYâ„¢ today announced the availability of HISTORY HEREâ„¢, a location-based mobile application for Windows® Phone 7, that brings history to life in thousands of locations across the United States. Available to Windows Phone 7 customers in conjunction with the phone’s US launch on November 8, HISTORY HEREâ„¢ is the first mobile app to combine GPS with HISTORY’s award-winning content and resources to create a mobile guide that lets users experience the historical context of their surroundings, no matter where they are. HISTORY HEREâ„¢, a featured application in the Windows Phone Marketplace, is available for purchase, beginning today, for $2.99.


HISTORY HEREâ„¢ currently has information on more than 7,000 locations nationwide and will add thousands more historical points of interest in the coming months. Each location is supplemented with exclusive video, audio of famous speeches, narratives from key moments in history, written content, pictures and maps to create a dynamic visitor’s guide to each location.

“Teaming up with Microsoft Corp for HISTORY reinforces the HISTORY brand’s 360-degree approach of aggressively reaching and connecting with our viewers across all platforms,” said Nancy Dubuc, President and General Manager History and Lifetime Networks. “By heightening the HISTORY experience with our authentic innovative content on the cutting edge Windows 7 mobile app, we are offering consumers an exciting new way to discover the power of  history everywhere they want it.”

“Windows Phone 7 is backed by a rich developer ecosystem that is creating a variety of quality apps and games that take advantage of the phone’s unique features and design,” said Todd Brix, senior director, Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft Corp. “HISTORY HEREâ„¢ is a great example of the kind of rich applications that people will find on Windows Phone Marketplace to get the most out of their phone,” he continued.

How HISTORY HEREâ„¢ Works:

HISTORY HEREâ„¢ acts like an interactive travel guide for all things history-related. Upon launching the application, users can either select their current location using the phone’s GPS capabilities or type in a specific location of their choosing. Users will be able to filter and display their results based on a variety of preferences:

  • Distance: HISTORY HERE lets users customize their search to return historic locations ranging from zero to 100 miles away from the searched location.
  • Points of Interest: Just want to see battlefields? Monuments? HISTORY HERE allows you to choose as few or as many categories of historic locations as you’d like to see. Select from “notable location,” “park,” “museum,” “monument,” “battlefield,” “historic building” or “roadside attraction” to customize the experience according to your interests.
  • Map view vs. list view: To optimize the experience for mobile, HISTORY HEREâ„¢ lets you see the results of your search in a map view, which gives an at-a-glance view of icons representing search results and their location on a map. Or, for easier scanning, choose list view for a thumbnail view of each location, a one-sentence description and its proximity to the search location.

Regardless of how results are displayed, users only need to tap the image for the point of interest and they will experience the full depth of content from HISTORY on their chosen topic, including videos, images, audio clips, and articles that will allow them to dig deeper into a broad range of thousands of historical topics.


I cant help but feel the one thing missing from this app is some kind of augmented reality feature, such as implemented in ScanSearch on the LG Optimus 7. Hopefully Microsoft will soon make the tools available to developers to enable to them to take full advantage of the hardware in these devices.

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