Hipstamatic Updates Oggl And Oggl PRO Apps With Bug Fixes, Performance Improvement And More


Hipstamatic has updated their Oggl and Oggl Pro apps for Windows Phone devices. These apps were buggy when launched, this updated v1.0.0.4 brings lots of fixes and performance improvements. The developers have thanked everyone for the feedback we provided to them and told that they are working hard on improving the application since it is still early days!

Change Log:

– Fixed bug that was causing downloaded gear to be removed once the app is restarted.
– Improved filtering capabilities and performance for special filters.
– Fixed so that the caption now is posted into social channels correctly
– Added support for disconnecting from social channels under the settings page in the app.
– Improved performance in general but more to come for preview and rendering.
– Fixed issues for HTCx8 that has some funky camera settings that we did not support.
– Added a sign out confirmation message box to the Settings page

Download Hipstamatic Oggl here and Oggl PRO here.